Our Services

Based on our strong BD & L experience, knowledge of global market access and the network of customers, we help companies grow with their Sourcing, Development and Licensing requirements via business partnering or talent scouting. We are working globally as a business-to-business partner of choice for leading pharmaceutical companies. Whether your need is large or small we will ensure that your expectations for product quality and services are met.


With offices in Germany and India, Azeta Pharma offers the finest customer service in the sourcing of raw materials and FDF. Azeta Pharma works closely with research, development and marketing departments to stay ahead of the latest trends in the industry and offer optimal solutions to clients. Our sourcing office in India ensures excellent relationships with local manufacturers as well as thorough Quality audits. We work as outsourcing team for your organization.


Azeta Pharma assists its customers with tailor-made support in outsourced dossier development, regulatory guidance, quality and IT support. Azeta Pharma provides regulatory strategies to support product registration and complex product variation for global markets. Azeta Pharma provides consultative advice at all stages of product development process.


Azeta Pharma maintains a worldwide network of pharmaceutical companies. It can support you in selling into international markets. Azeta Pharma provide catalyst to put your sales on growth curve by identifying new opportunities for you and capitalize on current customers. Azeta Pharma can also help with Market analysis and prioritization of target partners including product/technology valuation and help enable initial deal strategy. Azeta Pharma offer complete Regulatory and Legal strategy for international expansion.


If you are searching the right person to ensure the success of your endeavors, Azeta Pharma helps customers to find the right candidates to cover strategic positions. Azeta Pharma has vast connect with high-quality resources, past working experience with the potential candidates which ensure clients get the quality resource in minimal time.

Whatever is your business or life query, Azeta Pharma will try to provide you with modular solutions tailor-made to your needs

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